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Shepherd’s purse herb 50g, 1.5g 20 packs,

Shepherd’s purse herb 50g, 1.5g 20 packs,


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  • Shepherd’s purse herb 50g, 1.5g 20 packs, Shepherd’s purse herb 50g, 1.5g 20 packs,

Shepherd’s purse herb 50g, 1.5g 20 packs,

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Shepherd’s purse herb Coagulants, homeostatics 50g, 1.5g 20 packs,

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Recommended: hypertension, liver, pulmonary, renal, uterine bleeding, with catarrh and stomach ulcers, inflammation and sand in the bladder, tuberculosis, colds, hemorrhoids, gall stones, incontinence, vomiting, malignant ulcers and tumours, stomach cancer, tumors, cancer and fibroids of the uterus, and in dysentery, gastritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, ostealgia, liver disease, acute and chronic inflammation of the kidneys, renal and hepatic colic in gynecology (as a contraceptive, postpartum hemorrhage, uterine atony, prolonged heavy periods, menopausal period, as a means of delaying ovulation), in neuropsychiatric diseases. Externally for bruises, tendovaginitis, wounds of the skin, bleeding from the nose, infections of the oral cavity. Has a hemostatic, analgesic, wound healing, antibacterial, hemostatic, sedative, astringent, diuretic, blood purifier, contraceptive, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory effect.

Recommendations for preparation and application:

Infusion: 1 tablespoon chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse for 2 hours. Drain. Take 1-2 tablespoons 4 times a day. Hypertension and hepatic colic, take 1/3 Cup 3 times a day. Infusion to accept external aid.

Ingredients: chopped herb shepherd’s purse.

Contraindications: pregnancy, thrombophlebitis, hypersensitivity.

Storage conditions: store in a dry, dark place, the prepared infusion – in a cool place no more than two days.

Shelf life: 2 years.

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SKU ml5304
Manufacturer various
The purpose of the medication Coagulants, homeostatics
Weight kg. 0.05

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