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Compligam B solution 2ml #10

Compligam B solution 2ml #10


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  • Compligam B solution 2ml #10 Compligam B solution 2ml #10

Compligam B solution 2ml #10

Quick Overview

Compligam B is a medicament used to treat and prevent diseases of both the central and peripheral nervous system. Pharmacologists attribute Compligam to two groups - vitamins and drugs that have a tonic effect.

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Compligam B

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Compligam B is a medicament used to treat and prevent diseases of both the central and peripheral nervous system. Pharmacologists attribute Compligam to two groups - vitamins and drugs that have a tonic effect.

general information

The drug Compligam is produced in injectable and tablet form. The drug can be purchased at pharmacies. Average prices in pharmacies in Russias cities are within:    Compligam B (solution for injection), 10 ampoules of 2 ml - price from 206 to 265 rubles    Complicates In (tablets), 30 pieces - from 190 to 250 rubles.

Effect of the drug on the body

Instructions for use, applied to the drug, states that the drug acts on the inflammation and degenerative processes occurring in the central nervous system. Compligam B also has a multivitamin, analgesic, local anesthetic effect. This is facilitated by the components that make up the preparation:    Thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1). It affects the processes of metabolism that occur in the nervous tissues. Vitamin plays an important role in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism.    Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) takes an active part in the metabolism of proteins and partially - fats and carbohydrates.    Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) stimulates hematopoiesis, nucleic acid metabolism and reduces pain.    Lidocaine. Has local anesthetic effect.Patients should remember that the drug can be used solely for the purpose of the treating doctor. Do not engage in self-targeting, taking into account the positive feedback of those who used the drug. This approach to treatment can have a very negative impact on health - from acne to the violation of the liver. Thats why you need to visit a doctor who decides whether it is expedient for you to use Complly, and if necessary, prescribe a dosage.

Indications for use

Medicamentous drug Compligam B is used to treat patients with neurological diseases. The drug is actively prescribed for the following diseases:    Neuropathy and polyneuropathy    neuritis, polyneuritis    peripheral paralysis    neuralgia    with pain syndrome    muscle cramps developing at night, especially in elderly patients    plexopathy, ganglionitis    radiculopathy, lumboeishalgia, muscular-tonic syndromes.

Mode of application

Injectable formThe instructions for use say that the daily maximum dose is 1 ampoule of the drug Compligam. If the pain syndrome manifests itself clearly, then this dosage can be used during the first 10 days of treatment. After that, the dose should be reduced and the therapy given by this medicine in 1-2 days, i.e. 1 ampoule of the drug should be administered up to 3 times a week.It is recommended that the medication is deeply inserted into the muscle of the buttock. This contributes to the gradual receipt of the drug in the blood, as well as its optimal assimilation. If the patient, for whatever reason, needs to take an injection himself, then the drug should be injected into the upper third of the thigh area.

special instructions

To get the expected result from treatment with Compligam B, you need to know some of the nuances of the application. We will get acquainted with them in more detail.    The drug can not be administered quickly, since there is a threat of development of systemic reactions of the body - convulsive state, dizziness, heart rhythm disturbances.    Compligam is not used simultaneously with Levodopa, as the pyridoxine, which is part of the vitamin preparation, weakens its therapeutic effect.    If together with Compligam applies Epinephrine and Norepinephrine, then it is possible to increase the side effects on the heart.


Although the drug is well tolerated by patients, however, not everyone can prescribe it. The main bans include the following diseases and conditions:    decompensated chronic heart failure, taking place in acute and severe form    individual immunity of any constituents of the drug    childrens age (due to lack of necessary research)    pregnancy, breast-feeding (because of the high content of vitamin B6 (100 mg).

Side effect

Both tablets and injections can cause the patient to develop unwanted reactions from various organs and body systems. Let us consider in more detail how an organism can react to the application of Compligam:    reactions of the skin, which are accompanied by itching, hives    the individual intolerance of the drug manifests itself by difficulty breathing, angioedema, up to the development of anaphylactic shock    increased sweating    cardiopalmus    acne.

Reviews about the drug

Patients generally leave feedback on the use of Compligam in the form of injections. There is an effective effect in the pain syndrome. Side effects include increased sweating and heart palpitations.

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