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Diane 35 #21

Diane 35 #21


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  • Diane 35 #21 Diane 35 #21

Diane 35 #21

Quick Overview

Drug Diane-35 refers to the pharmacological group of drugs oral contraceptives. It is used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancies, as well as to treat certain pathological conditions of the endocrine and reproductive system, accompanied by hormonal imbalances.

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Diane 35 instruction

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Drug Diane-35 refers to the pharmacological group of drugs oral contraceptives. It is used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancies, as well as to treat certain pathological conditions of the endocrine and reproductive system, accompanied by hormonal imbalances.

Form of issue and composition

The drug Diane-35 is available in a dosage form. One dragee as the main active substance contains 2 mg of cyproterone acetate and 0.035 mg of ethinyl estradiol. It also includes auxiliary components, which include:    Lactose monohydrate.    Povidone.    Hydrosilicate of magnesium.    Macrogol 6000.    Calcium carbonate.    Mountain wax glycolic.    Titanium dioxide.    Iron oxide (II).    Magnesium stearate.    Corn starch.Dragee Diana-35 is packaged in a blister pack of 21 pieces. Cardboard pack contains 1 blister and instructions for use.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action of the drug is due to its active substances, which are modified female sex hormones. Cyproterone acetate is a modification of progesterone, and ethinyl estradiol is a representative of estrogen. In combination and with correct systematic use, these substances interfere with the process of fertilization of the ovum with sperm by suppressing the process of ovulation, changing the cervical canal (forming a mucus plug that prevents penetration of the uterus into the uterus of spermatozoa). Also, due to the effect of cyproterone on the sebaceous glands and the intensity of hair growth, the drug reduces the synthesis of sebum in acne (acne) and prevents the hormone induced weakening and hair loss.After taking the Diane-35 dragee, its active substances are absorbed quickly enough into the systemic bloodstream from the intestinal lumen. They are metabolized in the liver to the formation of inactive decay products, which are excreted from the body with urine (to a greater extent) and bile. On average, the half-life (the time during which half of the entire dose of the drug is excreted from the body) is 20 hours.

Indications for use

The main indication for the use of the Diana-35 dragee is contraception - prevention of unwanted pregnancy with unprotected sexual intercourse. Also, this drug is used in the complex treatment of acne vulgaris of moderate to severe severity.

Contraindications for use

Admission dragee Diana-35 is contraindicated in a number of pathological and physiological conditions of the womans organism, which include:    Individual intolerance, hypersensitivity to active substances or auxiliary components of the drug.    Parallel use of another drug that relates to the pharmacological group of oral hormonal contraceptives (significantly increases the risk of overdose or development of side effects).    Pancreatitis (inflammatory pathology of the pancreas) at the time of application or in the past.    Propensity to increased thrombogenesis, which can be hereditary (familial) or due to various vascular pathologies and diseases of the blood system.    Vaginal bleeding, the cause of which was clarified at the time of the start of the Diane-35 dragee was not possible.    Sickle cell anemia is a pathology of erythrocytes, in which their properties are altered.    Severe diseases of the liver or bile ducts, especially if their functional deficiency develops.    Tumor processes of the liver at the time of starting the drug or transferred in the past.    The presence of malignant neoplasm of any localization.    Decompensated diabetes mellitus at which various vascular complications develop.    Vascular catastrophes in the presence or transferred in the past - myocardial infarction, hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke of the brain.    Migraine, which is accompanied by focal neurological symptoms (including those transferred in the past).    Planned pregnancy, suspicion or confirmation of the conception of the child.    Lactation - breastfeeding.Dragee Diane-35 is not used for men. Before using them, you should make sure that there are no contraindications.

Dosing and Administration

Dragee Diana-35 is taken internally without chewing and drinking with a sufficient amount of water. The drug should be taken at the same time 1 time per day. The blister contains 21 dragees, which corresponds to the complete calendar cycle of taking the drug. In the package, each pills are marked with a specific day of the week, in which it should be taken, the sequence of reception is marked on the blister with a special arrow. For the purpose of contraception, the drug begins on the first day of the menstrual cycle (corresponding to the first day of the onset of menstruation). It is allowed to start taking the drug for 2-3 days from the beginning of the menstrual cycle, but during the first week it is necessary to protect against the onset of unwanted pregnancy with the help of barrier methods of contraception. After the end of the reception of the 21st tablet, a break takes 7 days. Then the reception of a new blister begins. In case of missed intake of the drug with a delay of no more than 12 hours, it must be taken as soon as possible, and the following dragees are taken in the same scheme and at the same time as always. If the delay of tablet more than 12 hours, then the woman can also take the following pills as soon as possible (even if it coincides with the reception of the next pills) or stop taking from the current blister stand 7 days break, and begin receiving the next blister from the first day . The break in taking the drug should not exceed 7 days. The length of the course of admission is determined by the woman's desire for protection from pregnancy.

Side effects

Diane-35 can be used to cause side effects from various organs and systems, including:    Digestive system - nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, changes in the functional activity of the liver and biliary tract.    Nervous system - headache, migraine, the development of transient mental disorders (mood reduction, depression, excessive increase or decrease in libido).    Metabolic disorders - fluid retention in the body with the development of peripheral edema, weight gain and triglyceride levels in the blood.    Cardiovascular system - increase in the rate of systemic blood pressure (hypertension), thrombosis (thrombus formation in the lumen of the vessel, with its subsequent migration into the bloodstream).    Eyes - development of intolerance of contact lenses.    The reproductive system and mammary glands are intermenstrual bleeding, an increase in mammary glands in the volume, their soreness, the appearance of secretions from the vagina or secretion from the mammary glands.    Allergic reactions - skin rash and itching, urticaria (a characteristic rash and swelling of the skin, which outwardly resemble a nettle burn). Changes in the skin in the form of nodal erythema (appearance of characteristic red spots) can develop less often. The development of severe allergic reactions to form angioedema (expressed soft tissue swelling) or anaphylactic shock (vascular collapse with a reduction in blood pressure and organ failure) was recorded.In case of side effects, the drug should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

special instructions

Before using Diane-35 dragees, you should carefully read the instructions to the preparation. It is important to pay attention to a number of special instructions, which include:    When using the drug as a therapeutic agent (including for the treatment of acne), the duration of its reception is determined by the doctor individually, usually the improvement occurs within 3 months.    After the start of the Diane-35 regimen, the risk of developing vascular thromboembolic complications increases significantly, especially during the first year.    The development of thromboembolic complications is influenced by a number of factors that must be considered before starting the use of the drug - age over 40 years, smoking, alcohol abuse, the presence of such thromboembolic diseases in the family (family history and heredity), obesity, long-term reduction in motor activity (after trauma or surgical operations), hypertension or symptomatic arterial hypertension, heart valve disease, a violation of the rhythm of its contractions.    There are data on the possible risk of developing a malignant neoplasm of the cervix with prolonged intake of the drug.    The effectiveness and contraceptive effect of the drug is reduced after skipping the reception of the dragees, in these cases it is desirable to additionally use barrier methods for preventing unwanted pregnancies.    Taking the drug may provoke the development of irregular bleeding, not associated with the menstrual cycle.    In the Diana-35 dragee, lactose is included as an auxiliary component, which must be taken into account for women with lactase deficiency (insufficient amount of digestive enzyme responsible for lactose digestion).    Before starting the use of the drug, pregnancy must be excluded.    If pregnancy occurs while taking Diane-35 dragee, it should be stopped immediately.    The drug has no effect on the speed of psychomotor reactions and the ability to concentrate.In the drugstore chain, Diane-35 dragees are released on prescription. Excludes their independent reception or application on the recommendation of third parties.


To date, there is no evidence of an overdose of Diane-35 dragee. If the recommended therapeutic dose is exceeded, it is possible to develop side effects. In such cases, symptomatic therapy is used. There is no specific antidote.

Terms and conditions of storage

The shelf life of the Diane-35 dragee is 5 years from the date of manufacture. The drug should be stored out of reach of children at an air temperature of not more than +30 ° C.


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