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Cerazette tabs 75mcg #28

Cerazette tabs 75mcg #28


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  • Cerazette tabs 75mcg #28 Cerazette tabs 75mcg #28

Cerazette tabs 75mcg #28

Quick Overview

The main substance of the drug is Desogestrel. In addition, Cerazette contains the following additional components: Macrogol 400, silicon dioxide, colloidal anhydrous, lactose monohydrate, povidone, hypromellose, talc, alfa-tocopherol, corn starch, stearic acid, titanium dioxide.

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Cerazette instruction

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The main substance of the drug is Desogestrel. In addition, Cerazette contains the following additional components: Macrogol 400, silicon dioxide, colloidal anhydrous, lactose monohydrate, povidone, hypromellose, talc, alfa-tocopherol, corn starch, stearic acid, titanium dioxide.

Form of issue

The medicine is issued in the form of biconvex tablets, which are covered with a white film shell with an engraving "ORGANON" with a five-pointed star on one side and "KV" above the number two - on the other.

pharmachologic effect

Progestogen and contraceptive drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Cerazette is intended for oral contraception. The effect of the drug is due to the inhibition of ovulation and thickening of the cervical mucus.The use of this drug leads to a decrease in the concentration of estradiol to the values ​​that are characteristic of the early follicular phase.The drug is quickly absorbed and converted into an active metabolite of ethonogestrel. With regular application, the maximum plasma concentration is reached about 100 minutes after the next tablet. Bioavailability approximately 70%.The drug is mainly associated with serum proteins (albumin, globulin).The active substance is metabolized by hydroxylation and dehydrogenation, transforming into the active metabolite ethonogestrel, through which sulfate and glucuronide conjugates are formed.The drug is excreted mainly with urine and feces in the form of free steroids and conjugates.

Indications for use

This tool is used for contraception. Some doctors also prescribe it for endometriosis.


The medicine should not be taken when:    acute venous thromboembolic disorders    hypersensitivity to its components    malignant neoplasms sensitive to sex hormones (diagnosed or suspected)    pregnancy    severe violations in the work of the liver (even in the anamnesis)    vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology.

Side effects

Side effects with Cerazette can be as follows: headache, spotting, mood changes, nausea, acne, breast tenderness, weight changes, amenorrhea, decreased libido.Less common are such manifestations as vaginitis, ovarian cysts, alopecia, a feeling of discomfort when using contact lenses, dysmenorrhea, vomiting, fatigue.In rare cases, such side effects as rash, erythema nodosum and urticaria are documented.

Instructions for use Cerazette (Method and dosage)

The medicine should be consumed on a pill a day, not missing a single dose. You need to do this at the same time for 28 days in the order written on the package. The instruction on Cerazette recommends taking the tablets with the necessary amount of liquid. To take the tablets from the next package, you must proceed immediately after the previous one is finished.If before this hormonal contraceptive was not used, the instruction for the application of Cerazette provides for the beginning of the reception from the first day of the menstrual cycle. Although it is possible to start the course at 2-5 days, but in this case it is recommended to apply additional measures of pregnancy protection during the first week.When switching from combined hormonal contraceptives, the Cerazette course begins the day after the end of the previous remedy or on the day of removal of the vaginal ring, transdermal patch. Additional contraception is not needed in this case.Cerazette can be taken on any day when changing from a mini-drink. If an implant or gestagen-releasing intrauterine system has been used before, the first tablet is used on the day of removal. When contraception in the injection form on Cerazette go to the day when the next injection was to be made. After abortion in the first trimester, you should start taking this medication immediately. Additional contraception is not needed in this case.After abortion in the second trimester, the beginning of the course of the drug is possible only after 21-28 days, and also after 6 weeks after childbirth. If the application of Cerazette started later, during the first week additional measures are needed for reliable contraception. In this case, pregnancy should be excluded.If the tablet is missed for less than 12 hours, it should be taken as soon as possible, the next time passes at the usual time. If the pill is taken for more than 12 hours, you should take it as soon as possible, but in the next week, use additional methods for reliable contraception.In disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, it is also better to use additional methods of protection from pregnancy.


At high doses, nausea, minor vaginal bleeding, and vomiting may occur. Treatment is symptomatic.


Studies on the interaction of the drug with other agents have not been conducted. However, on the basis of experimental observations, it is known that when combined with hydantoins, carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, troglitazone, griseofulvin, barbiturates, rifampicin, rifabutin and Felbamate, vaginal bleeding and a decrease in the effectiveness of contraceptive action may occur. One of the drugs in this case needs to be canceled. If this is not possible, it is necessary to use an additional method of protection from pregnancy throughout the course of treatment by one of these means and within a week after its completion. And when taking Rifampin and for 28 days after the last application.When using drugs that induce liver enzymes, it is better to stop using Cerazette tablets and switch to non-hormonal methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies.Reception of activated carbon can reduce the effect of the drug. So with this combination it is recommended to resort to additional contraception.

Storage conditions

The medicine must be kept out of the reach of children, protected from sunlight and dry place. The optimum temperature is 2-30 ° C.Shelf life - 3 years.

Reviews about Cerazette

Contraceptive tablets Cerazette reviews on the forums are very different. Most, however, opinions are positive. Only those who are not treated with negative side effects (mainly weight gain and malfunctions of the menstrual cycle) are negative. Reviews of Cerazette during breastfeeding are also usually positive. Only in some rare cases did women notice a decrease in the amount of milk. The doctors comments also testify to the effectiveness of this drug. Especially often it is prescribed after childbirth, as it is not contraindicated in lactation.


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