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Venolife (Heparin sodium + Dexpanthenol + Troxerutin) gel 40g gel, 100g gel,

Venolife (Heparin sodium + Dexpanthenol + Troxerutin) gel 40g gel, 100g gel,


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  • Venolife (Heparin sodium + Dexpanthenol + Troxerutin) gel 40g gel, 100g gel, Venolife (Heparin sodium + Dexpanthenol + Troxerutin) gel 40g gel, 100g gel,

Venolife (Heparin sodium + Dexpanthenol + Troxerutin) gel 40g gel, 100g gel,

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Venolife (Heparin sodium + Dexpanthenol + Troxerutin) gel Anti-coagulants 40g gel, 100g gel,

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The composition and form of issue: 

Gel for external use, 100 g contains:

troxerutin 2 g

dexpanthenol 5 g

sodium heparin 0.25 g (30000 IU)

other ingredients: phenylethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, carbomer 940 or 980, trometamol, purified water 

tube aluminium 30 or 40 grams in a cardboard bundle 1 tuba

Pharmacological action:

Venolife gel is a combined drug for external use, pharmacological properties due to the action of its constituent substances.

Heparin is the anticoagulant of direct action, the natural anticoagulation factor of the body — has anti-inflammatory effect, promotes regeneration of connective tissue due to inhibition of activity of hyaluronidase prevents thrombosis, activates fibrinolytic properties of blood, improves local blood flow.

Dexpanthenol provitamin B5 in the skin and transformed into Pantothenic acid is part of coenzyme A, which plays an important role in the acetylation and oxidation, improving the metabolic processes, dexpanthenol promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues improves the absorption of heparin.

Troxerutin — the cure tool has a P-vitamin activity, in particular, reduces vascular tissue permeability and fragility of capillaries, normalizes microcirculation and tissue trophism, reduce congestion in the veins and paravenozhnykh tissues, has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, due to the presence of preservative-antiseptic phenylethyl alcohol the drug has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, contributing to the prevention of infection of the wound surface. The composition of the gel base delivers the drug moderate hyperosmolar properties.


Edematous pain and the microcirculatory and trophic disorders due to venous insufficiency of the lower limbs (varicose veins, acute and chronic thrombophlebitis, post-thrombotic syndrome, chronic lymphedema)

– soft tissue injuries (bruises, sprains, strains)

– for acceleration of granulation and epithelialization of venous ulcers in the phase of regeneration (in the absence of severe exudation).


Hypersensitivity to the drug component, open infected wounds or wounds with abundant exudation.

Application of pregnancy and breast-feeding:

Fenolip is not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects:

Possible local manifestations of allergic reactions (skin rash, itching).

Drug interactions:

Drug interactions with other drugs is not revealed.

Method of application and dose:

Local. Apply a thin layer on the affected area and around it 2-3 times per day, evenly distributed over the surface of the skin with light rubbing motions until completely absorbed. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks. The need for further treatment determined by the attending physician based on the severity of the pathology and clinical findings. At relapse of disease treatment can be carried out 2-3 times a year.

With trophic ulcers with poor exudation before using the product the wound clean of exudate and necrotic tissue, if necessary, washed with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide, furatsilin 1:5000 or chlorhexidine digluconate of 0.05% and dried. The gel is applied evenly in a thin layer so that all the affected surface was covered with the drug, and impose a sterile gauze bandage. Change dressings spend 1 every day. With the open method of treatment the drug is applied 1-2 times a day. The duration of treatment is determined by the dynamics of epithelization.

Special instructions:

Fenolip not intended for use in ophthalmology, for intravaginal and rectal administration.

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SKU ml5261
Manufacturer Akrihin
The purpose of the medication Anti-coagulants
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