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Yaz #28

Yaz #28


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Yaz #28

Quick Overview

Yaz birth control pills contain active ingredient ethinylestradiol (form of betadex clathrate), and Jesa also contains the active ingredient drospirenone.In addition, the composition of the tablets includes additional ingredients: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate.The composition of the tablet coating includes hypromellose, titanium dioxide, talc, dye.

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Yaz birth control pills contain active ingredient ethinylestradiol (form of betadex clathrate), and Jesa also contains the active ingredient drospirenone.In addition, the composition of the tablets includes additional ingredients: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate.The composition of the tablet coating includes hypromellose, titanium dioxide, talc, dye.

Form of issue

Yaz hormonal pills cover the film membrane.Active tablets are round, biconvex, have a light pink color. On the one hand - the engraving of "DS" in the hexagon, on the break of the tablet a white core.The placebo tablets are round, biconvex, covered by a white film shell. On one side of the tablet is the engraving "DP" in the hexagon. On the break, the white core.Tablets are contained in blisters for 28 pcs.

pharmachologic effect

The summary shows that the Yaz preparation is a monophasic oral contraceptive, which also has an antiandrogenic and antimineralocorticoid effect on the body.Contraceptive inhibits the process of ovulation, and also affects the cervical secret, so that spermatozoa can not penetrate through it freely.Those women who take this medicine note that their monthly cycle is more regular, menstruation becomes less painful, and bleeding is not so abundant. As a consequence, the risk of anemia decreases. When combined oral contraceptives are used, the likelihood of ovarian cancer and endometrium is also reduced.The active substance drospirenone has an antimineralocorticoid effect on the body. Under his influence, the accumulation of extra pounds in the body is prevented, as well as the appearance of edema. It positively affects the condition of a woman during the period of PMS, reducing the intensity of psychoemotional disorders, joint pain in the joints, and other unpleasant symptoms.Antiandrogenic activity of this component is noted, which determines a positive effect on the skin condition. As a consequence, the amount of acne decreases, the level of fatness of the skin and hair decreases. The effect of drospirenone is similar to that of natural progesterone in the body.Estrogenic, androgenic, glucocorticoid and antiglucocorticoid activity in drospirenone is absent. Combined with ethinyl estradiol, drospirenone acts favorably on the lipid profile.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Drospirenone after oral intake is absorbed quickly and almost completely. The maximum concentration is noted after 1-2 hours after administration. The level of its bioavailability is 76-85%. Bioavailability does not depend on the connection between food intake and the preparation. When taking the cycles, the maximum serum drospirenone level is noted between 7 and 14 days of treatment.After internal administration, drospirenone is metabolized extensively. Only a small part of the substance is excreted unchanged. Metabolites are excreted through the kidneys and intestines. The substance is well tolerated by patients with hepatic insufficiency in mild and moderate form.Ethinyl estradiol after intake is absorbed completely and quickly. Once consumed, the maximum concentration is observed after 1-2 hours. The bioavailability of the component is about 60%. Metabolized completely through aromatic hydroxylation. Metabolites from the body are excreted with bile and urine.

Indications for use

Yaz is a contraceptive pill, so their main indication is contraceptive reception. The medicine can be prescribed for the treatment of acne in moderate form, as well as with the aim of eliminating the severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


The following contraindications for the admission of Yaz are noted:    venous and arterial thrombosis and thromboembolism (in the anamnesis, at present), cerebrovascular disorders    previous thrombosis of the condition    migraine (in the anamnesis, now)    diabetes mellitus complicated by vascular symptoms    presence of risk factors for the manifestation of venous or arterial thrombosis in a woman    pancreatitis with hypertriglyceridemia (in the anamnesis, now)    severe liver disease, liver failure    malignant liver tumors (in the anamnesis, now)    renal failure in severe and acute form    malignant hormone-dependent diseases, suspected development    adrenal insufficiency    vaginal bleeding of unknown origin    suspected pregnancy    breastfeeding    high sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug.Care should be taken if any of the factors contributing to the development of thromboembolism, thrombosis, as well as other diseases in which there is a possible violation of peripheral blood flow. With caution contraceptive is prescribed for any liver disease, hypertriglyceridemia, hereditary angioedema.Yaz is cautiously prescribed to women in the postpartum period, as well as those who have diseases that have occurred or worsened during pregnancy or during the reception of sex hormones. It can be cholelithiasis, cholestasis, otosclerosis, porphyria, herpes, etc.

Side effects

There are such common side effects of Yaz:    nausea    irregular monthly    bleeding from the genitals of unknown origin    pain in the mammary glands.Serious side effects of the drug, which is manifested in rare cases - thromboembolism (venous, arterial).

Also, sometimes the following side effects were noted:

    migraine    depressed mood, mood swings, decreased sexual desire    erythema multiforme.

There are a number of side effects that occur very rarely, but they can be associated with the use of the Yaz tool:

    tumors    erythema nodosum    hypertension    aggravation of angioedema symptoms    impaired liver function    influence on insulin resistance, changes in glucose tolerance    Crohns disease    Chloasma    nonspecific ulcerative colitis    symptoms of hypersensitivity.

Instructions for the use of Yaz (Method and dosage)

If a woman chooses the JS birth control pills, the instructions for use should be strictly followed. It is envisaged that the tablets should be taken strictly in the order that is indicated on their packaging. Every day, the drug should be taken at about the same time, washed down with an unpleasant amount of liquid. Instructions for the use of Yaz include taking one tablet a day for 28 days. The new packaging should begin the day after the woman drank the last tablet from the previous package. As a rule, bleeding can begin on day 2-3 after the abolition occurred.If the woman did not take any hormonal contraceptive in the previous month, Yaz's appointment begins on the first day of the monthly cycle. It may start on the 2nd-5th day of the cycle, but it is also advisable to use barrier barrier contraception during the first seven days of taking the Yaz tablets.How to take the pill when switching to them after other methods of protection, you should ask the gynecologist who recommended this drug.After an early abortion, you can start taking Yaz right away, with no additional contraceptive measures.If childbirth or abortion occurred in the second trimester, it is advisable to start Yaz OK on the 21-28th day after this.In the event that a woman misses a pill that is inactive, you can ignore it. But still do not take missed inactive pills, for which they are thrown away.If there is a missing tablet, which is active, and the delay does not exceed 12 hours, then the protection does not decrease. You need to take the drug as soon as possible. If the delay exceeded 12 hours, the woman missed 2 tablets, or the break was even longer, in which case the level of protection is reduced. Accordingly, the longer the break, the greater is the probability of fertilization.Thus, the consequences of discontinuing Yaz's admission are as follows: if it is 4 days or more, the probability of pregnancy is significantly increased. To ensure adequate suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system, it is necessary to continuously take the pill for seven days.Therefore, if you miss a woman, you need to take the next pill as soon as possible, you can take two tablets at once. Further, the active tablets are taken at the usual time. Inactive must be discarded and a new package should be started. In this case, bleeding during admission is unlikely, but small discharge may occur during admission.If during the admission period there was a break in the use of active pills, and on the days of taking inactive bleeding tablets was not noted, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy.In the case of development of serious gastrointestinal disorders, partial absorption of active substances is possible. On such days it is necessary to use additional contraception. If a woman has vomiting within 4 hours after taking the pill, you should act as if you missed the pill.How to stop taking pills and, at the same time, switch to other methods of contraception, it is advisable to ask in detail a specialist gynecologist.


There is no information about serious cases of drug overdose. As a result of an overdose, a woman may experience vomiting, nausea, the appearance of smearing discharge, and metrorrhagia. Symptomatic therapy is performed.


With the simultaneous use of Yaz and other drugs (a number of antibiotics, enzyme inducers) can trigger the manifestation of breakthrough bleeding, as well as a decrease in the level of reliability.With the simultaneous use of Yaze drugs that induce microsomal liver enzymes (such as barbiturates, primidone, carbamazepine, phenytoin, rifampicin, etc.), the clearance of sex hormones increases.Under the influence of some antibiotics, it is possible to decrease the intestinal-hepatic circulation of estrogens and, correspondingly, a decrease in the concentration of ethinyl estradiol.In the period of simultaneous administration of drugs that affect microsomal enzymes, as well as during 28 days after the abolition of such drugs, additional contraception is needed. Additional contraception is needed within 7 days after taking ampicillin and tetracyclines.Yaz can influence the metabolism of other medicines.To determine the probability of interaction with Yaze other drugs, you must carefully read the instructions to them.

Storage conditions

Keep Yaz at a temperature of up to 30 ° C, protect from moisture and access of children.

Shelf life

Can store 5 years.

special instructions

If there are certain risk factors before taking Yaz, you should weigh the appropriateness of using this particular contraceptive.It should be noted that during the research, a link was found between protection by oral contraceptives and an increase in the incidence of thromboembolism, venous and arterial thrombosis. However, these diseases are very rare. A higher risk of developing thrombosis is observed in smokers, at an older age, with obesity, migraine, heart valve diseases, dyslipoproteinemia, atrial fibrillation.With increasing intensity and frequency of migraine, you need to stop taking Yaz.There is also a risk of developing cervical cancer in women with persistent papillomavirus infection.Rarely in women who took oral contraceptives, there was a development of benign liver tumors. In very rare cases, malignant liver tumors were noted.Women who are at high risk for hyperkalemia should determine the level of potassium in the blood during the first cycle of using Yaz.Women with hypertriglyceridemia should consider that when they take Jesa they have a higher risk of developing pancreatitis.If during the period of taking the drug the woman has a marked increase in blood pressure, the contraceptive should be stopped. If the blood pressure can be normalized by means of an antihypertensive treatment, then the taking of tablets can be continued further.In acute or chronic violations of the liver, it is necessary to cancel the remedy until the condition returns to normal.In the process of taking combined oral drugs, it is possible to change some laboratory indicators, but they do not go beyond the limits of normal values.Yaz, like other combined oral contraceptives, can not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, as well as against HIV infection.Using Yaz tablets for protection, the woman notes that when taking no monthly. Sometimes, more often in the first months, a woman notes that the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. As a rule, the adaptation period lasts for three cycles.The ability to concentrate attention to the reception of the drug is not affected.

Analogues of Yaz

Analogu of Yaz is contraceptive Midiana. There are also other analogues from different manufacturers, which are oral contraceptives. How to take similar drugs, and which one to prefer should be asked from a gynecologist.The difference between Yaz and Yaz plus is that the Yaz Plus contains calcium levomefolate or folate. Folate belong to the vitamins of group B. In the body they are not synthesized, so sometimes when choosing - Yaz or Yaz plus - the woman prefers the latter. What is the difference between Yaz Plus and Yaz, and which of the pills to prefer, you should ask the gynecologist.

Yaz or Diane 35 - which is better?

The drug Diane 35 has gestagenic properties, it contains ethinylestradiol and anti-androgen cyproterone acetate. With the admission of Diana, 35 women are more likely to have a slight weight gain and some other side effects.


Adolescent girls can use Yaz after the onset of the first menstruation.Sometimes teenagers this drug is prescribed for acne. Reviews of Yaz from acne testify to the effectiveness of this drug.

With alcohol

Yaz and alcohol can be combined if alcohol is consumed in small quantities and infrequently. Alcohol does not reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

In pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindications for taking Yaz. In the event that pregnancy is determined when taking tablets, you must immediately stop taking the contraceptive. The studies have shown that if a pregnancy occurs after taking Yaz, there are no negative consequences for the child.Since oral contraceptives can adversely affect the composition and amount of breast milk, they are not recommended to women until they stop breastfeeding.

Reviews about Yaz

In the network, you can find numerous reviews about the Yaz tablets. As a rule, women evaluate this contraceptive positively, although there are also reports about Jes' contraceptive pills to those to whom this hormone drug did not fit. As a consequence, hormonal tablets provoked the appearance of side effects, in particular nausea, malaise, headaches, etc. In this case, women tried to find another, more suitable drug.The doctors' comments about Yaz are positive, as experts note the effectiveness of the JS OK tablets, as well as their overall positive effect on the body. Reviews of Yaz on the forums also indicate that the drug helps to get rid of pimples and improve the skin condition. After the abolition of the contraceptive, the condition of the body does not deteriorate, so most women respond positively to these tablets.


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