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Pharmatex vaginal cream 72gr

Pharmatex vaginal cream 72gr


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  • Pharmatex vaginal cream 72gr Pharmatex vaginal cream 72gr

Pharmatex vaginal cream 72gr

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Cream Pharmatex belongs to the group of local contraceptives with spermicidal effect.

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Pharmatex cream

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Cream Pharmatex belongs to the group of local contraceptives with spermicidal effect.

Form of release and medicinal composition

The drug Pharmatex is available in the form of a 1.2% cream intended for vaginal administration. The cream is produced in tubes of aluminum material with a volume of 72 grams, in a cardboard bundle. To the cream is attached an abstract with a detailed description of the characteristics of the drug and a dispenser for the convenience of introducing the drug into the vagina. The contents of the tube - a thick creamy substance of white or slightly yellowish color with a pronounced smell of lavender.The composition of the cream (per 100 g) contains active active substance Benzalkonium chloride 1.2 g. As auxiliary components are: ethylene glycol palmitostearate, citric acid, lavender oil, purified water.

Indications for use

Vaginal cream Pharmatex is prescribed to women of reproductive age who do not plan pregnancy, as a local contraceptive, including:    if there are contraindications to the oral use of birth control pills    contraindication to wearing an intrauterine device    in the postpartum period    in the period of breastfeeding    after abortion    during menopause as an adjuvant for dryness of the vagina    as a contraceptive for those women who do not have regular sexual contacts.The drug can also be used as an additional protective agent against unwanted pregnancy for women who wear an intrauterine device or a vaginal diaphragm.

Contraindications for use

Cream Pharmatex has some contraindications to use, so before using the drug, be sure to read the attached instructions. The cream can not be injected into the vagina in the following cases:    inflammation of the vaginal mucosa    erosion on the mucous membrane of the vagina    exacerbation of vaginal candidiasis (thrush)    individual intolerance to the components of the drug    bleeding from the genital tract of unexplained etiology    venereal diseases    progressive erosion of the cervix.

Dosing and Administration

Cream Pharmatex is injected into the vagina for 5 minutes before sexual intercourse. For ease of administration use the attached dispenser, which is completely filled with cream and in the supine position on the back, slowly inserted into the vagina. In one dose (a full dispenser) contains 5 g of cream, this is enough for one sexual intercourse. Before each new sexual contact, you need to enter a new portion of the cream.After the introduction of the drug in the vagina, it is not recommended to empty the bladder for 2-4 hours and take a shower and bath for 10 hours, as this significantly reduces the contraceptive effect of Pharmatex.

Application of the drug during pregnancy and lactation

Since the cream Pharmatex is designed to protect against unplanned conception, during pregnancy use of the drug is irrelevant.If a woman still has a pregnancy, then the use of the Pharmatex cream should be discontinued, however, during clinical trials, embryotoxic and teratogenic effects of benzalkonium chloride on the fetus were not detected.The drug is not excreted in breast milk, so it can be used as a contraceptive by nursing mothers.

Side effects

The drug Pharmatex in the form of a cream is well tolerated by patients, however, with increased individual sensitivity to benzalkonium chloride after the introduction of a woman, some side effects may develop:    itching and burning in the vagina    discomfort with sexual contact    increased vaginal discharge    redness and swelling of the genitals    painful urination    rash on the skin of the external genitalia    colpitis, vaginitis.All these side effects are poorly expressed and quickly pass on their own after washing.


Cases of drug overdose Pharmatex have not been documented, however, in order to avoid the development of irritation and side effects, it is not recommended to inject more cream at a time than is placed in the dispenser.If you accidentally swallow the cream, you must induce vomiting and take activated-active tablets. No serious consequences were recorded.

Drug Interactions

Cream Pharmatex is not recommended to be used simultaneously with medicines for vaginal administration (for example, candles or cream for treatment of thrush), since active substances of drugs while using with Pharmatex can inactivate the spermicidal effect of the drug.Antiseptic solutions or preparations containing iodine completely inactivate the spermicidal effect of the cream, so you should consider this fact and do not prescribe drugs at the same time.

special instructions

Active and auxiliary components in the cream can disrupt the integrity of latex products, so you should take this into account.Cream Pharmatex does not have protection against sexually transmitted diseases, therefore this method of contraception is not suitable for women who do not have a permanent sexual partner.Soap and soap solutions reduce the effectiveness of the drug Pharmatex, so it is not recommended to vomit or syringe the vagina immediately after intercourse.With an exacerbation of genital diseases, you should stop using the Pharmatex cream, since benzalkonium chloride irritates the mucous membranes of the vagina and can aggravate the course of the pathological process.

Leave and storage conditions

Cream Pharmatex can be bought in a pharmacy without a prescription. The tube with the drug should be stored away from children in a cool place. The shelf life of the cream is 2 years from the date of manufacture, at the end of this period the drug can not be used.

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