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PEG MGF Canada Peptides 2mg x 1 vial

PEG MGF Canada Peptides 2mg x 1 vial


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  • PEG MGF Canada Peptides 2mg x 1 vial PEG MGF Canada Peptides 2mg x 1 vial

PEG MGF Canada Peptides 2mg x 1 vial

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PEG MGF from Canada Peptides is a pegelated mechanical growth factor that increases the number of stem cells in muscle and regenerates muscle fibers. The use of this drug in sports ensures the growth of muscle tissue, burning fat, increasing endurance, protecting nerve fibers, ensuring faster recovery after overload, normalizing the lipid profile of the blood, etc.

Mechanism of action

Natural MGF is stable and does not travel in our bloodstream, forming directly in muscle tissue. However, synthetic MGF, when injected intramuscularly, enters the bloodstream. By itself, MGF is produced naturally when muscle fibers in some sense strain from effort, during exercise. This happens during intense physical activity of a person and when we take action to the limit of our strength and endurance. MGF secretion stimulates muscle growth by creating new muscle fibers, promotes nitrogen retention and increases protein synthesis. The product itself was clinically tested and in all experimental studies where MGF was injected intramuscularly, there was a 20% increase in muscle fiber weight over two weeks. In further studies, which lasted four months, IGF-1 caused a 20 percent increase in muscle mass. Therefore, MGF turned out to be a stronger agent. 

PEG MGF further prolongs the half-life of mechanical growth factor through a process called pegelation. In fact, this process allows a covalent bond between the peptide and the polyethylene glycol molecule. This, in turn, serves as a fixation and protective barrier for the mechanical growth factor molecule. This method allows the peptide to move through the blood without being destroyed.

Scientific studies have shown that the use of PEG MGF leads to increased muscle mass as well as growth and faster tissue regeneration. The use of the drug also promotes better skeletal muscle regeneration. In addition, the agent causes a significant improvement in bone density, which means that our bones become stronger, more durable. Ultimately, the recovery process from injury is accelerated. Animal studies have shown that PEG MGF has a positive effect on the circulatory system during ischemia. This is due to the fact that increased blood flow to tissues, which, in turn, leads to the absence of a lack of oxygen and glucose, and this, in turn, is necessary for proper cellular metabolism.


  • muscle growth
  • burning fat
  • better relief
  • increased strength and endurance
  • normalization of the lipid profile
  • improving the quality of the skin
  • increasing the rate of recovery after training
  • increased bone density


Intramuscular injection into the target muscles (which you just trained) immediately after training at a dose of 200-400 mcg, this is a single dose that is distributed across all trained muscle groups. If local injection is not desired, subcutaneous injection into the fold of the abdominal skin near the navel is possible, although less effective.

Combined course

PEG MGF at the recommended dose after training, growth hormone 5 IU 3 hours before training, ACE-031 100 mcg per day.

Side effects

By itself, taking this drug in the recommended doses does not show any side effects. Some users may experience redness at the injection site, but it quickly disappears, as does the slight pain caused by the injection itself. It is also possible to lower blood pressure and drop blood sugar. However, you should not exceed the manufacturer's recommended dose. This product is intended for use in healthy adults. PEG MGF should not be used by minors or if the user is allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Canada Peptides
Brand Farma Canada Peptides
The purpose of the medication Peptides
Weight kg. 0.05

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