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Pentovitum tabs #50

Pentovitum tabs #50


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  • Pentovitum tabs #50 Pentovitum tabs #50

Pentovitum tabs #50

Quick Overview

The composition Pentovitum includes vitamins B, vitamin PP. The composition of vitamins is as follows: one tablet contains 0.01 g of thiamine hydrochloride, 0.0004 g of folic acid, 0.02 g of nicotinamide, 0.005 g of pyridoxine hydrochloride, 0.00005 g of cyanocobalamin.

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The composition Pentovitum includes vitamins B, vitamin PP. The composition of vitamins is as follows: one tablet contains 0.01 g of thiamine hydrochloride, 0.0004 g of folic acid, 0.02 g of nicotinamide, 0.005 g of pyridoxine hydrochloride, 0.00005 g of cyanocobalamin.

Form of issue

Vitamins Pentovitum are available in the form of coated tablets, which are sold in packages of 10, 50 and 100 pieces.

pharmachologic effect

The drug has a complex effect, which is due to its constituent components.Vitamin B1 exerts an active influence on the processes of neuromuscular regulation, participates actively in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.Vitamin B6 promotes normalization of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. He also takes an active part in the metabolic processes of the body. Participates in the synthesis of neurotransmitters.Vitamin B12 promotes the normalization of the liver, nervous system, stimulates the process of blood coagulation, metabolic processes, takes part in the synthesis of amino acids.Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of amino acids, nucleic acids.Nicotinamide takes part in fat, carbohydrate metabolism, in the processes of tissue respiration.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) is mainly absorbed in the duodenum and in the small intestine. The distribution of thiamine occurs across all tissues. Approximately about 1 mg of thiamine is metabolized daily. Metabolites of thiamine are excreted by the kidneys.Vitamin PP (nicotinamide) is rapidly absorbed into the digestive tract. It is distributed to all tissues and organs evenly.Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) is absorbed from the digestive tract, after which it is converted into pyridoxalphosphate in the liver, that is, into the active form of the vitamin. The final product of metabolism is 4-pyridoxic acid, it is excreted from the body through the kidneys.Folic acid in small doses is absorbed through absorption, and large doses through diffusion. Absorbed in the form of simple hydrolysates. It is distributed in all tissues. Biotransformation and metabolism of folic acid have not yet been studied.Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) is transferred to the ileum using a glycoprotein. If the vitamin enters the body in large doses, it is absorbed by simple diffusion. The metabolism of the vitamin is very slow. It is excreted with bile.

Indications for use

Indications for Pentovitum are as follows:    treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis    high need of the human body in vitamins of group B    the period of recovery from infectious diseases    prevention of stress, asthenic conditions    neuralgias, polyneuritis    dermatoses, dermatitis.Indications for the use of vitamins are determined by the attending physician depending on the characteristics of the course of the disease.


Tablets Pentovitum can not be taken in the following cases:    high sensitivity to the components of the drug    age up to 12 years.

Side effects

In the process of using drugs, the following side effects can be observed:    itching of the skin, rash    pain in the heart, increased excitability of the central nervous system, tachycardia    insomnia    In rare cases, convulsions appear.

Instructions for use Pentovitum (Method and dosage)

Strictly according to the instructions, if there are indications, you need to apply Pentovitum vitamins. Instruction for children from 12 years and adults is as follows: daily, 2-4 tablets should be used three times a day. The drug should be consumed simultaneously with eating.How to take Pentovitum with a specific disease, the doctor will tell you. But it takes at least 3-4 weeks to take vitamins. How to take adult patients Pentovitum in the presence of a specific diagnosis, depends on the complex treatment.


An overdose of the drug can lead to the manifestation of hypervitaminosis, excessive concentration of B vitamins. At the same time, a person may have occasional dizziness, dyspepsia, flushing of blood to the face and neck, migraine, insomnia. There may also be numbness of the limbs and a breakdown in the rhythm of the heart. However, such manifestations are very rare.


Simultaneous use for the treatment of Pentovitum and colchicine or biguanides leads to a decrease in the absorption of cyanocobalamin. Do not combine drugs that increase blood coagulability, and cyanocobalamin. A prolonged period of treatment with anticonvulsant drugs and simultaneous use of Pentovitum leads to a deficiency of thiamine.

Terms of sale

It is sold in pharmacies without a doctors prescription.

Storage conditions

Must be stored in a dark, dry, cool place, in a sealed container of orange glass.Shelf life - 3 years.

special instructions

During the treatment with Pentovitum, do not take other vitamin complexes, since an overdose is possible.It is not possible to take a higher dose of multivitamin in the treatment process than indicated in the instructions.As part of the tablet shell is sugar, so patients with diabetes should always take this into account when treating.The drug intake does not affect the concentration when driving vehicles and working with precise mechanisms.


Analogues of Pentovitum tablets are other vitamin complexes, which today are very numerous. Neuromultivit, Pikovit and others can be considered analogues of the remedy. All these products have similar indications for use, are useful for hair, improve the skin condition, etc.

What is better: Pentovitum or Neuromultivit?

Both drugs are useful for the prevention of stress, improve the state of the nervous system, to improve the condition of the hair and skin. Neuromultivit, unlike Pentovitum, does not contain vitamin B3 and vitamin B9.


The drug is allowed for children from the age of 12. Is it possible for children of younger age groups to include this remedy in complex treatment for a number of diseases, only the attending physician determines. At such appointment the instruction which has been given by the doctor should be accurately considered.

With alcohol

It is not recommended to combine this vitamin complex with the reception of alcoholic beverages. With the combination of Pentovitum with alcohol, the absorption of thiamine in the body decreases sharply.

In pregnancy

If there is such a need, you can apply the drug Pentovitum for treatment of pregnant women as prescribed by a doctor.

Reviews of Pentovitum

The doctors comments about Pentovitum are mostly positive, they are prescribed for many diseases, as well as for disease prevention. However, it should be borne in mind that vitamin complexes are only aids in the treatment of a number of diseases. Therefore, reviews of vitamins patients leave and depending on how effective the main treatment was. In positive responses it is a question of that the vitamin complex has helped to cope with peeling of the skin, to get rid of acne, to normalize the general condition of the nervous system. Often there are positive opinions about the use of the drug after prescribing it to children. On the occurrence of side effects reviews are extremely rare.

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