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Nonoxinol vaginal supp. 120mg #10

Nonoxinol vaginal supp. 120mg #10


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  • Nonoxinol vaginal supp. 120mg #10 Nonoxinol vaginal supp. 120mg #10

Nonoxinol vaginal supp. 120mg #10

Quick Overview

As part of a single suppository nonoxinol contains 120 mg of nonoxinol + lactic acid, macrogol 1000, PEG 400.

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Instruction for Nonoxinol

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As part of a single suppository nonoxinol contains 120 mg of nonoxinol + lactic acid, macrogol 1000, PEG 400.

Form of issue

The product is available in the form of white or with a yellow tint of oval candles, in the cell outline packages of 5 pieces, packing in a cardboard bundle of 10.

pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Nonoxinol is a non-hormonal contraceptive. The active component of the drug nonoxinol-9 exerts a pronounced spermicidal effect. The substance destroys the membrane of the sperm acrosome, which leads to its inability to dissolve the membrane of the egg.It is also believed that nonoxinol has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects against STD pathogens.

Indications for use

The agent is appointed:    for episodic contraception    if there was a need to abandon oral contraceptives    with contraindications to taking hormonal tablets    during therapy with agents that reduce the reliability of oral contraceptives    with an irregular sexual life to protect against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.


Contraceptive Candles nonoxinol can not be used:    when allergic to any of the components of the remedy    with erosion of the cervix    if a woman has abnormalities in the structure of the vagina, making it difficult to use candles    with vaginitis, colpitis, salpingo-oophoritis.

Side effects

Candles can cause irritation in the vagina, discomfort, itching, burning and irritation. Also, other allergic reactions of a local nature were rarely observed.

Instruction for Nonoxinol (Method and Dosage)

Candles are used intravaginally.According to the instructions for the candles Nonoxinol, they should be inserted deep into the vagina 10 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse.Within 6 hours after coition, it is recommended that a woman refrain from hygienic procedures.During the next sexual intercourse, it is advisable to use one more suppository.


No cases of overdose by the agent have been reported. The likelihood of an accidental or special overdose is extremely small.


Suppositories are not recommended to be combined with other intravaginal agents. This reduces the effectiveness of the tool.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Keep out of the reach of children. The temperature regime is not higher than 25 degrees.

Shelf life

36 months.

special instructions

If any adverse reactions occur, it is recommended that you stop using the drug.Before using suppositories, it is recommended to consult a doctor.The remedy can be combined with a condom.If the candle has melted (shelf life and long-term storage conditions are not violated), it can be put in the refrigerator to purchase the original form.It is recommended to use the drug as rarely as possible because of the increased risk of side effects with frequent use.

Reviews about nonoxinol

The doctors comments about nonoxinol are mostly good. However, experts emphasize that it is desirable to additionally use barrier methods of contraception. Since the drug is not a reliable way to protect against STDs and viruses, with frequent use it can lead to damage to the mucosa, it can not be used in anal sex.In various forums, this tool is actively discussed. Reviews about the contraceptive candles Nonoxinol women who used them for a long time:"Impressions from the application are positive, like the low price. It is a pity that after a year of use I had to switch to COC because of developed vaginitis ""The drug dissolves well, does not form foam. Can be used during breastfeeding, gives extra lubrication. With the task of protection from pregnancy is doing fine. "To some women, the drug simply did not come up or caused a feeling of discomfort and burning sensation in sexual partners.


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