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Gordox (Aprotinin) 100000 IU/10ml 25 vials

Gordox (Aprotinin) 100000 IU/10ml 25 vials


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  • Gordox (Aprotinin) 100000 IU/10ml 25 vials Gordox (Aprotinin) 100000 IU/10ml 25 vials

Gordox (Aprotinin) 100000 IU/10ml 25 vials

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Gordox (Aprotinin) 100000 IU/10ml 25 vials Enzymes

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The composition and form of issue:

Solution for injection 1 amp.

Aprotinin IU 100000

auxiliary substances: sodium chloride — to 10 ml benzyl alcohol 100 mg water for injection 

in vials of 10 ml box of 25 ampoules.

Pharmacological action:

Inactivates proteases (plasmin, kininogenase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, etc.) in plasma and tissues lowers fibrinolytic activity of blood.

Clinical pharmacology:

Therapeutic effect in patients with lesions of the pancreas (acute pancreatitis, necrosis), as well as other diseases and conditions, which are characterized by a high concentration of kallikrein, etc. proteases in plasma and tissues.


Acute and chronic pancreatitis, prevention of enzymatic autolysis of the pancreas, with operations on it and adjacent bodies of hyperfibrinolysis acute postoperative parotitis severe forms of various types of shock, angioedema broad and deep tissue damage.


Hypersensitivity, DIC.

Side effects:

Allergic reactions.

Drug interactions:

Incompatible with rheomacrodex (mutual enhancement of the sensitizing effect).

Method of application and dose:

In/in, slowly, solely in the position of the patient “lying”.

Test dose: at least 10 min before the introduction of the initial dose/injected a test dose equal to 1 ml (Aprotinin 10000 IU) to determine the presence of hypersensitivity to the drug.

For medicinal purposes: the initial dose of 50,000 IU (maximum speed — 5 ml/min), then in/in the drip by 50,000 IU/h.

For bleeding and hemorrhage associated with hyperfibrinolysis in/drip 100000-200000 IU, if necessary up to 500,000 CHIA (depending on the intensity of bleeding).

During surgical interventions with the aim of prevention before, during and after surgery — 200000-400000 the CUE in/in, struino slowly or drip, then over the next 2 days for 100000 IU.

When violations hemostasis in children — 20000 IU/kg/day.

Perhaps a local application of gauze soaked 100000 IU applied to the bleeding site.

In acute pancreatitis — 500000-1000000 the CUE and then declining to 50000-300000 the CUE for 2-6 days, and complete removal after the disappearance of enzymatic toxemia.

During exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis is administered once based 25000 CHIA 3-6 days daily doses of 25000-50000 the CUE.

In the postoperative period and oseltamivir (with risk of injury to the pancreas) initial dose of 200,000 IU, then for 2 days after surgery — 100000 IU every 6 hours.

Treatment of primary hyperfibrinolytic bleeding: adults: initial dose of 500,000 IU (50 ml), in/in slowly, the maximum speed is 5 ml/min (while the patient is in the lying position) children — 20000 IU/kg/day.

Reduction of bleeding and reducing the need for blood products in cardiac surgery (extracorporeal circulation): 2000000 IU should be added to the liquid filling the oxygenator.

During the 2-hour surgery, the patient receives 5000000 IU Aprotinin.

Elderly patients a special dosage is required.

Children: available data are insufficient for dosage.

Data on the safety of the drug for pregnant and lactating no. In I and III trimester of pregnancy and lactation the drug is contraindicated. You need to weigh the benefits and harm in appointing during pregnancy.

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Manufacturer Gedeon Richter
The purpose of the medication Enzymes
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