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Emoxibel (Methylethylpiridinol) 1% 5ml eye drops

Emoxibel (Methylethylpiridinol) 1% 5ml eye drops


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  • Emoxibel (Methylethylpiridinol) 1% 5ml eye drops Emoxibel (Methylethylpiridinol) 1% 5ml eye drops

Emoxibel (Methylethylpiridinol) 1% 5ml eye drops

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Emoxibel (Methylethylpiridinol) 1% 5ml eye drops Anti-aggregants

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The emoxipin (Methylethylpiridinol) has antioxidant activity, stabilizes cell membranes, inhibits the aggregation of platelets and neutrophils, has fibrinolytic activity, increases the content of cyclic nucleotides in tissues, reduces the permeability of the vascular wall. Also Methylethylpiridinol, having retinoprotective effect, protects the retina from the damaging effects of high-intensity light.


Pathological changes of the eye in diabetes are most likely to arise in 5-10 years from onset of disease primarily affects the fundus of the eye – the retina. The mechanism of destruction is disruption of blood circulation in the smallest vessels of the fundus. In the early stages visual acuity is not reduced and people may not know about the beginning of the defeat of the eye.


During retrobulbar administration of Methylethylpiridinol almost instantly appears in the blood during the first two hours its concentration decreases rapidly and after 24 h the drug in the blood is missing. In the eye tissue concentration of Methylethylpiridinol higher than in the blood.T1/2 of 18 min, which indicates a high elimination rate of the drug from the blood. The value of constant of elimination – 0.041 min, total clearance – 214.8 ml/min, the apparent Vd – 5.2 L. the Drug quickly penetrates into organs and tissues where it is deposited and metabolism. Detected 5 metabolites of Methylethylpiridinol presented dealkilirovanie anywhereanytime and products of its transformation. Methylethylpiridinol metabolites are excreted by the kidneys. In significant amounts in the liver detected by 2-ethyl-6-methyl-3-hydroxypyridine-phosphate.


Subconjunctival, parabulbarno. If necessary it is possible retrobulbar injection.

Subconjunctival injected with 0.2-0.5 ml (2-5 mg), parabulbarno 0.5-1 ml (5-10 mg) of a 1% solution. The drug is used for 10-30 days, 1 time/day or every other day. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated 2-3 times a year.

Retrobulbarno introducing 0.5-1 ml per 10-15 days 1 time/day.

For protection of the retina by laser coagulation (laser coagulation especially, limiting or destroying a tumor) 0.5-1.0 ml of Amoxilina parabulbarly injected or retrobulbar 24 and 1 h before the procedure and then within 2-10 days 1 time/day.


Data on overdose of the drug available.


You cannot mix a solution of Emoxipine in the same syringe with other drugs.


Sufficient experience in the application of the drug during pregnancy, lactation there. Perhaps the use of Amoxilina for the treatment of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers by appointment the attending physician if the expected therapeutic effect exceeds the risk of possible side effects.


Pain, burning, itching, redness and hardening of periorbital tissues, agitation, drowsiness, increased blood pressure, allergic reactions.


The drug store in a dark place at temperatures not above 25°C. Keep out of reach of children. Shelf life – 3 years. Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.


— subconjunctival and intraocular hemorrhages of various origins,

— angioretinopathia (including diabetic retinopathy),

— Central and peripheral chorioretinal dystrophies,

— thrombosis of the Central retinal vein and its branches,

— complicated myopia,

— angiosclerosis-related macular degeneration (dry form),

— detachment of the choroid in patients with glaucoma in the postoperative period,

— dystrophic diseases of the cornea,

— trauma, burns of the cornea,

— treatment and prevention of lesions of the eye tissues with light of high intensity (sunlight, radiation with laser photocoagulation).


— individual hypersensitivity to the drug.


During treatment Emoksipinom should monitor the blood clotting and blood pressure.


Perhaps the use of Amoxilina for the treatment of children by the treating physician, if the expected therapeutic effect exceeds the risk of possible side effects.

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