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Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins #60

Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins #60


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  • Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins #60 Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins #60

Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins #60

Quick Overview

Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins is a complex vitamin preparation, which is prescribed to children in order to fill the shortage of a number of vitamins and minerals.

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Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins instruction

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Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins is a complex vitamin preparation, which is prescribed to children in order to fill the shortage of a number of vitamins and minerals.

Indications for use

Admission of the vitamin complex is recommended for children from 4 years as a dietary supplement, which is the source of the most important vitamins. The multivitamins contained in the Doppelherz Kinder enrich the preschool childs diet, as well as the school age.


In the composition of one chewable lozenge for children:    Vit. A - 400 μg    Vit. B1 0.9 mg    Vit. B2 - 1 mg    Vit. B6 - 1.3 mg    Vit. B12 1.5 μg    Vit. C = 50 mg    Vit. D3 - 2.5 μg    Vit. E - 7 mg    Nicotinamide - 11 mg.Additional components of the vitamin complex are:    Sweeteners (glucose syrup, sucrose)    Thickener (gelatin)    Acidity regulator (malic, citric acid)    Aromatizer (raspberry flavor)    Maltodextrin    Fruit concentrate.

Healing properties of Doppelherz Kinder

Doppelherz Kinder Multivitamins is a dietary supplement and not a drug.The effect of this multivitamin complex is determined by the properties of its active components.Vit. And it shows antioxidant properties, it is necessary for the formation of immune defense in the child, it improves visual perception.Vit. B1 has a positive effect on the activity of the NS, participates in metabolic processes inside the nerve tissues, contributes to the improvement of appetite.Vit. B2 provides full cellular respiration, thus prevents the development of hypoxia. He is an active participant in the process of hemoglobin production, besides contributing to the improvement of dark adaptation.Vit. B6 is necessary for the course of a number of biological reactions. Has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the National Assembly.Vit. B12 provides a full-fledged activity of the NS, participates in the processes of formation of hemoglobin.Vit. C exhibits pronounced antioxidant activity, normalizes the work of the immune system, thereby increasing resistance to the effects of negative environmental factors.Vit. E enhances the antioxidant effect of the sieves. C, neutralizes the negative effect of free radicals. It ensures the normal functioning of the reproductive system, accelerates the regeneration processes in damaged cells.Vit. D3 regulates mineral metabolism, it is necessary to provide homeostasis of F and Ca. Promotes full growth of bone tissue, thereby ensuring the health of bones and teeth.Nicotinamide regulates metabolic processes, is necessary for the full-fledged formation and activity of the NS, as well as for the digestive system.

Form of issue

Vitamin pastilles are produced in the form of jelly bears of orange and red color with the taste of orange and raspberry, respectively. Inside the polyethylene bottle there are 60 chewing bears. The package contains 1 bottle.

Dosing and Administration for Doppelherz Kinder

Children from 4 years are recommended to take 1 paste. One time during the day (best during the main meal).Children from the age of eleven are shown taking one pasta. twice within 24 hours.The recommended duration of taking vitamins is one month. After a months break, a child can resume taking a dietary supplement.

Application during pregnancy, lactation

There is no reliable data on the possibility of applying BAA in this group of patients.


Vitamin Doppelherz Kinder should not be used in the presence of excessive susceptibility to the components of dietary supplements.

Precautionary measures

Patients with diabetes should take into account that 1 chewing bear contains 0.1 grain units.

Cross-Drug Interactions

The drug can not be used simultaneously with any other multivitamins to avoid the occurrence of hypervitaminosis states.

Side effects

On the background of taking a vitamin complex for children, allergic reactions can develop.

Terms and expiration date

Doppelherz Kinder multivitamins are recommended to store in accordance with the temperature regime (no more than 25 C), in a place inaccessible to small children.Shelf life is two years.

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