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Diprospan (Betamethasone) 1ml 1 vial suspension for injection

Diprospan (Betamethasone) 1ml 1 vial suspension for injection


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  • Diprospan (Betamethasone) 1ml 1 vial suspension for injection Diprospan (Betamethasone) 1ml 1 vial suspension for injection

Diprospan (Betamethasone) 1ml 1 vial suspension for injection

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Diprospan (Betamethasone) 1ml 1 vial suspension for injection Corticosteroids

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The composition and form of issue:

Suspension for injection. 1 ml contains:

betamethasone dipropionate 6,43 mg

(equivalent to 5 mg betamethasone)

betamethasone sodium phosphate 2,63 mg

(equivalent to 2 mg of betamethasone)

excipients: anhydrous disodium sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, Trilon B Polysorbate 80 benzyl alcohol carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt polyethylene glycol 4000 nipagin nipazol water for injection

in clear glass ampoules of 1 ml in a cardboard box 1 or 5 vials.

Description pharmaceutical form:

Transparent, colorless or yellowish, slightly viscous liquid containing easily suspendiruemye particles are white or almost white, free from foreign matter.

Method of application and dose:

Diprospan is recommended to enter in/m if necessary systemic glucocorticoids in receipt of the body directly into the affected soft tissue or intra-articular and periarticular injection for arthritis in the form of a/C injection in various dermatologic diseases and in the form of injection into the lesion in certain diseases of the foot.

The dosing regimen and route of administration set individually, depending on indications, severity of disease and patient response.

With systemic therapy the initial dose of Diprospan in most cases is 1 -2 ml. the Introduction is repeated as necessary, depending on the condition of the patient.

The drug is injected in/m deep:

  • in severe conditions requiring urgent action, the initial dose is 2 ml
  • with different dermatological diseases as a rule, rather the introduction of 1 ml of Diprospan suspension
  • in diseases of the respiratory system onset of action of the drug occurs within a few hours after the/m injection of a suspension in bronchial asthma, hay fever, allergic bronchitis and allergic rhinitis a significant improvement is achieved after the introduction of 1-2 ml of Diprospan
  • in acute and chronic bursitis starting dose for the/m introduction is 1 -2 ml suspension. If necessary, carry out repeated injection.

If satisfactory clinical response does not occur after a certain period of time, Diprospan should be abolished and to appoint other therapy.

The local introduction of the simultaneous use of local anesthetic drug is needed only in rare cases. If it is desirable to use 1 or 2% solutions of procaine hydrochloride or lidocaine, which do not contain methylparaben, propylparaben, phenol and other similar substances. The mixing produced in the syringe, first entered in the syringe from the bottle the required dose of Diprospan suspension. Then in the same syringe, take from the vial the desired amount of local anesthetic and shaken for a short period of time.

In acute bursitis (subdeltoid, subscapularis, and ulnar predvajalnikom) introduction 1-2 ml in synovial bag in a few hours relieves pain and restores mobility. After edema exacerbation of chronic bursitis used smaller dose.

In acute tendosynovitis, tendinitis and peritendinitis 1 injection of Diprospan® improves the condition of the patient with chronic — repeat injection, depending on patient response. Avoid injection directly into tendon.

Intra-articular introduction of Diprospan in a dose of 0.5–2 ml relieves pain, restriction of joint mobility in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis within 2-4 h after injection. The duration of the therapeutic effect varies greatly and may reach 4 or more weeks.

The recommended dose of the drug when administered in large joints ranges from 1 to 2 ml, in a medium of 0.5–2 ml, in a small — 0,25–0,5 ml.

In some dermatological diseases effectively in/to the introduction of Diprospan ® directly into the lesion, the dose is 0.2 ml/cm2. Hearth uniformly cut away using a tuberculin syringe and a needle with a diameter of about 0.9 mm. the Total amount of drug administered at all sites should not exceed 1 ml for 1 week.

The recommended single dose of the drug (if the interval between administrations 1 week) when bursitis: when callosity 0.25–0.5 ml (generally effective 2 injection), while the spur — 0.5 ml, by limiting the mobility of the big toe — 0,5 ml, with synovial cyst — 0,25–0,5 ml, with tendosynovit — 0.5 ml, acute gouty arthritis, 0.5 to 1.0 ml. For the introduction is recommended to use tuberculin syringe with needle diameter of about 1 mm.

After reaching the therapeutic effect of maintenance dose picked by gradually lowering the initial dose by reducing the concentration of betamethasone in the solution injected through the respective time intervals. The decline continued until the minimum effective dose.

Upon the occurrence or threat of occurrence of stressful situations (not related to illness), you may need to increase the dose of Diprospan.

Elimination of the drug after long-term therapy is carried out by gradual dose reduction.

Monitoring the patient’s condition is carried out, at least during the year after long-term therapy or after use in high doses.

Storage conditions:

Do not freeze.

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