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Diclonat P (Diclofenac) ampoules 25mg/ml 3ml 5 vials, 75mg/2ml 2ml 5 vials,

Diclonat P (Diclofenac) ampoules 25mg/ml 3ml 5 vials, 75mg/2ml 2ml 5 vials,


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  • Diclonat P (Diclofenac) ampoules 25mg/ml 3ml 5 vials, 75mg/2ml 2ml 5 vials, Diclonat P (Diclofenac) ampoules 25mg/ml 3ml 5 vials, 75mg/2ml 2ml 5 vials,

Diclonat P (Diclofenac) ampoules 25mg/ml 3ml 5 vials, 75mg/2ml 2ml 5 vials,

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Diclonat P (Diclofenac) ampoules Derivatives of acetic acid 25mg/ml 3ml 5 vials, 75mg/2ml 2ml 5 vials,

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The composition and form of issue: 

Solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection, 1 ampoule contains:

diclofenac sodium 75 mg

excipients: mannitol benzyl alcohol sodium hydroxide sodium metabisulfite propylene glycol water for injection 

in ampoules of 3 ml in a box 5 ampoules.

Tablets, film-coated, prolonged action, 1 tablet contains:

diclofenac sodium 100 mg


core — sucrose cetyl alcohol silica colloidal anhydrous magnesium stearate polyvidone 

shell — gidroximetilpropilzelluloza iron oxide red (E172) Polysorbate talc titanium dioxide polyethylene glycol sucrose 

blistere in 10 PCs., in box 2 blisters.

Description pharmaceutical form:

Solution: clear solution from colorless to light yellow color with a faint odor of benzyl alcohol.

Tablets: tablets, film-coated, pink, round, uniform and smooth surface, with beveled edges. Kind of in the break: the kernel is white.

Method of application and dose:

Solution for injection: in/m or/in, drip in the form of infusion. Is introduced not more than 2 days. In case of prolongation of treatment, patients prescribed a drug in the form of tablets or suppositories.

Intramuscular injection: for acute pain — 75 mg daily, if necessary (biliary or renal colic) the daily dose may be increased to 150 mg (1 ampoule 2 times a day).

Intravenous infusion: the drug is administered in the form of drip infusions. Immediately before administration the contents of 1 ampoule (75 mg) should be diluted in 100-500 ml 0, 9% NaCl solution or 5% dextrose solution (after adding to infusion solutions solution of sodium bicarbonate — 0, 5 ml of 8, 4% 1 or 4 ml, 2% solution). The prepared solutions for infusion should be transparent.

In the treatment of postoperative pain syndrome of average and severe degree of severity of the drug is administered at a dose of 75 mg for 30-120 min. If necessary, the drug can be administered again after a few hours. However, the dose should not exceed 150 mg over a period of 24 hours.

To prevent postoperative pain, spend an infusion of “shock” dose of 25-50 mg over 15-60 min. In the future, continue infusion at 5 mg/h until the maximum daily dose of 150 mg.

Extended-release tablets: inside, not liquid, squeezed small amounts of water, usually during or after a meal. Appoint 1 table. (extended-release tablets 100 mg) 1 times a day if necessary daily dose increased to 150 mg, optionally assigning 1 a conventional tablet containing 50 mg of diclofenac.

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SKU ml4619
Manufacturer Pliva
The purpose of the medication Derivatives of acetic acid
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