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Complivit Trimestrum tabs #30

Complivit Trimestrum tabs #30


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  • Complivit Trimestrum tabs #30 Complivit Trimestrum tabs #30

Complivit Trimestrum tabs #30

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Please note - when you buy Complivit Trimestrum tell us in comment of your order what trimester you need (1, 2 or 3rd trimester).

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Complivit Trimestrum instruction

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Please note - when you buy Complivit Trimestrum tell us in comment of your order what trimester you need (1, 2 or 3rd trimester).

Compound Complivit Trimestrum

Main components: nicotinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, manganese, riboflavin, tocopherol acetate (alpha form), rutoside, magnesium, colcalciferol, calcium, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, thiamine hydrochloride, ascorbic acid, thioctic acid, cyanocobalamin, lutein, copper, selenium , iodine.Additional substances: calcium stearate, citric acid, sucrose, starch, talc, low molecular weight povidone.Components of the film shell: gum arabic, talc, titanium dioxide, sugar, beeswax, shellac.

Form of issue

Complivit Trimestrum is available in the form of tablets in a film membrane in blisters of 10 pieces. In a cardboard bundle 3 blisters and instructions.

pharmachologic effect

Retinol is necessary for the full-scale formation of the visual analyzer in the fetus, bone skeleton, for differentiation and division of epithelial cells, and for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.Tocopherol acetate (alpha form) prevents the formation of peroxide forms that damage the cell membranes. Reduces the risk of developing hypertension in a woman during pregnancy, ensures normal development and fetal growth.Thiamine prevents the formation of malformations in the fetus, is necessary for the synthesis of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.Riboflavin prevents the development of such defects in the fetus, as cleft palate, deformity of the limbs, heart defects, hydrocephalus, hydronephrosis. Provides a full-fledged growth and development of the child in the intrauterine period.Pyridoxine enhances the absorption of magnesium from the intestine. When taking oral contraceptives, a deficiency of pyridoxine is registered. It relieves the toxicosis of pregnant women and prevents the development of vomiting, nausea. Necessary for the work of the nervous system.Ascorbic acid reduces the risk of abortion.Nicotinamide prevents formation of malformations in the fetus.Folic acid is involved in the processes of synthesizing DNA, RNA, amino acids. Reduces the likelihood of spontaneous abortion in the first weeks of pregnancy, the risk of various intra-uterine malformations.Pantothenate calcium accelerates regenerative processes, participates in the synthesis of steroid hormones, acetylcholine.Cyanocobalamin is necessary for full-fledged DNA synthesis, it provides a complete formation of the nervous myelin sheath. Prevents erythrocytic hemolysis.Kolekaltsiferol provides a complete formation of the skeleton of the fetus and the functioning of parathyroid glands.Rutozid reduces the severity of swelling with lymphostasis, venous insufficiency. Has an angioprotective effect.Thioctic acid regulates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, improves nutrition of the cells of the nervous system, normalizes the functioning of the hepatic system. It is an antioxidant, lowers cholesterol.Lutein protects photoreceptors from the aggressive action of oxygen radicals, ultraviolet radiation.Iron provides normal transportation of oxygen to tissues, is part of hemoglobin, participates in the process of erythropoiesis. During pregnancy, prevents the formation of anemia in the background of a lack of Fe.Manganese provides full fetal ossification, intrauterine development. Protects cells from the negative effects of peroxide radicals. It is an integral part of the active centers of certain enzymes.Copper provides complete assimilation of iron, the normal operation of blood cells. With a deficiency in children, the pathology of the respiratory system is formed.Zinc is a participant of most biochemical reactions, it is an immunomodulator. With a deficiency of Zn, premature babies with various pathologies of organs and systems are born.Magnesium prevents spontaneous abortions, reduces the risk of developing uterine hypertension. The bone system and the fetal muscle tissue are formed.Calcium is necessary for the formation of the fetal skeleton, the normal functioning of the heart and the nervous system.Selenium potentiates the effects of vitamin E, is an antioxidant.Iodine prevents spontaneous abortion due to lack of iodine in the mothers body.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Combined composition makes it difficult to evaluate pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, because even with the help of biological markers, it is not possible to trace the process of metabolism and excretion of active components.

Indications for use

The action of the drug is aimed at replenishing the lack of vitamins and minerals.    Complivit Trimestrum 1 trimester - can be used during preparation for gestation, and up to 13 weeks of confirmed pregnancy.    Complivit Trimestrum 2 trimester - appoint from 14 to 27 weeks.    Complivit Trimestrum 3 trimester - applied from 28 weeks and until delivery. Allowed reception during lactation.


    hypervitaminosis    ICD (presence of diagnosed concrements of the genitourinary system)    individual hypersensitivity    anemia (B12-deficient form)    increased Fe and Ca content    restriction on age - up to 14 years    malabsorption (glucose-galactose form)    lack of isomaltase    an individual form of fructose intolerance.

Side effects

Observed allergic responses in predisposed patients. Vomiting, nausea is rare, which can be explained by pregnancy. Taking the tablets after a meal, in the afternoon allows you to get rid of nausea.Instructions for use (Method and dosage)The duration of vitamin therapy is determined by the doctor.1 tablet daily during meals once a day. The tablet should be washed down with water.


One-time intake of large doses requires skilled care, including detoxification activities: the appointment of enterosorbent drugs (Smecta, Activated Carbon), timely gastric lavage, and the provision of post-syndrome therapy to stop the symptoms of poisoning. Long-term therapy is manifested by hypervitaminosis.


Absorption of tetracycline and antibiotics based on fluoroquinolone is slowed by the presence of calcium and iron in the vitamin preparation. Significantly increases the risk of crystalluria in the treatment of short-acting sulfonamide drugs. Possible hypercalcemia with the use of thiazide diuretics. Antacid medicines prevent the absorption of trace elements. A similar effect is observed with treatment with Kolestyramin.

Storage conditions

Restriction on storage temperature - up to 25 degrees.Shelf life - 2 years.

special instructions

Staining urine during vitamin therapy in amber, bright color is an absolutely safe manifestation of treatment and does not require the abolition of the medication (due to the elimination of metabolites of riboflavin).The intake of vitamins can not replace a rational, balanced diet of a woman during lactation, pregnancy. Simultaneous use of other vitamin-containing complexes can cause hypervitaminosis.

Feedback on Complivit Trimestrum

Comments on Complivit Trimestrum 1 trimester: the medicine is well tolerated, it is a good source of necessary vitamins and minerals when planning and bearing pregnancy. Rarely causes negative reactions.Reviews about Complivit Trimestrum 2 trimester: women leave mostly positive reviews, noting that against the background of vitamin therapy, overall health improves during gestationComments on Complivit Trimestrum 3 trimester: good tolerability and safety of medication allow you to take the pill and after the birth of the baby during his feeding for the speedy recovery of the body after pregnancy.

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