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Cardioactiv caps #30

Cardioactiv caps #30


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  • Cardioactiv caps #30 Cardioactiv caps #30

Cardioactiv caps #30

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Cardioactiv Evalar includes coenzyme Q10, as well as vitamins B6, B9, B12.Form of issue

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Cardioactiv vitamins for heart

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Cardioactiv Evalar includes coenzyme Q10, as well as vitamins B6, B9, B12.Form of issue

Cardioactiv Evalar contains 30 capsules in a pack.

pharmachologic effect

These drugs improve cardiac activity, normalize blood circulation in blood vessels.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

These biologically active additives help improve the state of CCC. This is facilitated by the natural ingredients of the drugs. Their combination:&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp activates blood circulation in the vessels of the heart&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp helps in strengthening the heart muscle&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp normalizes the heart rhythm.

Indications for use

Cardioactiv Evalar is used as a dietary supplement. It helps to normalize the condition of the heart and blood vessels.


Contraindicated take pills and capsules with hypersensitivity to their components, lactation and pregnancy.

Side effects

In case of individual intolerance to the components of this remedy, an allergy may appear.

Instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Vitamins for the heart Cardioactiv for adults and children from 14 years should be taken once a day with meals for 1 capsule. The minimum rate is 30 days.Cardiovascular Hawthorn adults and children from 14 years should be taken 2 times a day with meals. Single dose is 1-2 tablets. The minimum rate is 20 days. The medicine can be taken regularly, but in this case, it is necessary to take a break between the courses for 10 days.


There is no information about drug overdose.


The interaction of Cardioactiv Evalar with other medications is not available.

Terms of sale

The drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription.

Storage conditions

Tablets and capsules are stored at a temperature of up to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

Two years. Do not use the medicine after the expiration date.


Specialists and patients characterize Cardioactiv Evalar as a safe and effective dietary supplements. It is reported that the positive effect of the drug is noticeable already after 1-2 weeks after the start of the course and persists for a long time.

Reviews about Cardioactiv

Olga, 12/02/2016, age: 44

I think that it is necessary for every modern person to take a complex of vitamins to improve the work of the heart - after all, because of the work of the heart and its ability to cope with daily loads, our tone, efficiency, our motor must be maintained. For example, for a long time I prefer heart" vitamins to normal, after the doctor prescribed Cardioactiv and I on myself have a beneficial effect on the body. Cardiovascular composition is very well selected, I would say - even more impressive than some widely advertised drugs. Here you have the omega3, which is mega-useful for a person, and coenzyme Q10 - the coenzyme of youth, as it turned out, not only for the skin, and everyone is well-known and useful folic acid, vitamins of group B (where without them). I have not had heart problems for two years, and overall well-being has improved, the pressure does not jump as before, but the energy - more than enough.

Claris, 12/17/2016, age: 41

Our heart is the most important organ, whatever you say. And with age he needs good care, it is better to strengthen as they say in his youth. Faced with the fact that it was periodically tingling heart, not very pleasant feelings and after jogging and practicing in the fitness center, too, began to appear some troubles, heaviness, shortness of breath, a little. I started looking for vitamins for the heart on the Internet, I found special vitamins Cardioactiv. Read the composition, very pleasantly surprised, folic acid, B group vitamins, just what you need and nothing superfluous. I took a course for one month, just one pack is enough. And noticed improvements, heartaches have passed. And the main thing I can again not afraid to go to the pool and fitness center, I love sports and do not want to throw it. I think with these prophylactic vitamins, now its intrepid for me!)

Svetlana Bogatova, March 2, 2013, the age of: 33

She began to actively take up sports, and felt that sometimes the heart began to hurt, some tingling, sometimes pulling. Although before when I was engaged in sports, this was not at all. Apparently with age, the heart still wears out. I knew that there are vitamins for the heart, so I started looking for suitable ones. Has climbed on the Ewalorov site, usually they buy vitamins different. So I found vitamins for heart Cardioactiv this time. In a pack of 30 pieces, just exactly for a month. Here I drink the third week with food, usually in the morning. Sports do not throw, it is not very intense, so only good! The heart stopped worrying, even training began to pass more calmly, the heart probably got better. Now I am sure that I will take courses during the year sometimes, I still need to start taking care of my health better)

Andrew, 03/03/2017

I have a genetic predisposition to heart disease. Therefore, without postponing prophylaxis in a long box, the doctor recommended drinking vitamins for the heart with a Q10 content-this is a substance that has a big impact on heart health, generating additional energy. I drink these vitamins 3 times a year for a month. They are sold in the pharmacy. In addition to coenzyme Q10 in the composition there are vitamins of group B and folic acid, which participates in the development of the circulatory system. I can not note the result, because its all the same vitamins, but I will say that I had no side effects.

Lorca, May 18, 2017

Was on a medical check-up from work. And the cardiologist advised as a prophylactic, to strengthen blood vessels, and improve the hearts work to drink vitamins for the heart Cardioactiv. I read about them on the Internet. Including reviews. And she decided to leave hers too. Capsules-in the packaging of their 30 - you need to take 1 piece once a day. It was always convenient for me to do this at breakfast, drinking a little water. I drank a month, I can tell - the difference is palpable. I began to get tired less, feel brisk - and this is also an indicator of the heart. In the capsules are very useful substances: coenzyme Q10, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12. All of them contribute to the maintenance of heart health. Im sure that these capsules are a great tool for prevention. And the price is quite acceptable.

Tulloosa, 09/02/2017

Very much like these vitamins for the heart, they contain enough coenzyme Q10, which strengthens the heart and blood vessels, rejuvenates the whole body by restoring cellular respiration and also increases life expectancy! Also, according to the manufacturer, the drug helps slow the aging process, which in my 40s seemed very attractive. Vitamins are relatively inexpensive, given that the box is exactly 30 capsules for one month. This drug works great, the results are visible after a few days, because I had insomnia and the mood improved, my face got a healthy color, soon the course ends, and I want to continue to drink these vitamins further to achieve maximum effect.

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